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Mike Butler

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Welcome to all ReferLife Co-Op Members,

This is one of the many great benefits that come when you register for your FREE ReferLife Co-Op Membership.  You get access to our very own private social network platform that is totally here for you to use to grow your personal and your business profile and life.

Use it with pride knowing that you are not restricted from speaking your truth as long as you are not hurting another member, ReferLife Co-Operative or spreading hate, racism in any form whatsoever because this will not be tolerated and you will be barred from participating as a member of ReferLife Co-Operative and in turn all entities associated with ReferLife.

Now, we are here to have fun, learn and earn as we work towards living a more fulfilled life with optionas and choices.  Use the platform to promote yourself, your business, your products, your services and your business opportunities and earn your way to a life of freedom.


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Wishing all FAMILY and FRIENDS theABSOLUTE BEST in HEALTH and WEALTH for the coming YEAR, may all your dreams become reality this year.

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Ok this is cute and funny, enjoy

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Yes, I have this squirrel who comes right up to my door and pretty much demands I feed him. He is kool and has me suckered right in to making sure I have almonds on hand.

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Discover a life with less pain, more balance, stamina & strength, plus improved health & greater performance allowing wearer to feel blessed.,We are so blessed to be able to help people with Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Vertigo, M.S., Parkinson's, Migraines, Old Injuries, Back, Knee, Hip, Joint, Muscle Pain and Much More.

Learn more about Frequency Tuning and the Bod-e-Tune Health Aid 


CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR PURCHASE,Help us market this amazing product capable of changing lives for the better and increase your sales and your ability to make a difference.

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Here are a few expensive cars

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For as long as I can remember I have been into cars and any kind of motorsport.  Here I will share some of the cars I have pictures of from over the years.

Hello and welcome to this Thursday Night Call

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This I have found fun, interesting and educational, hope you like it, enjoy.

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My interpretation of this is that people can be fooled by corporate marketing schemes.

I feel I see it in certain grocery stores often.