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What If I Can't Afford To Upgrade Right Away?
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As an associate in ReferLife Connect, do not loan money to others in order to get them to join you. You are better to Pay-It-Forward and gift it to them and ask them to pass it on.Here at ReferLife Connect everyone has the ability to start FREE as a member. This allows those who do not have the funds to upgrade their account to earn their upgrade cost. Simply go to work and start to refer new members. As they make purchases and upgrades you earn commissions and points. as your points and commissions grow you can earn your upgrade. Remember, with our Buy 1 upgrade and Refer 3 New Upgrades it does not take a lot of effort to secure your upgrade and your monthly membership fee and have you
What is a Referral Link & Where Can I Find Mine?
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A referral link is a personalized link attached to you and your profile. Your referral link is located in the Affiliate System, when you click on the Affiliate System App and it opens you will see your referral link there. You can copy and share your affiliate link by any means and you can input email addresses into the auto mailer and send out invitations to join your team this way.Your referral link represents you as an affiliate and it is part of the automated system that you promote to your prospects and it will track and maintain your business in order to know who you referred, who is on your team, what purchases are made and how much you should and will earn.
Do I Have To Sell Products and Services
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Every co-op member has the ability to purchase any of the membership options available. These are available as an upgrade to every member after they have signed up. So it is a choice by sharing and telling more so than selling.Every member who signs up under you can purchase products or services and in turn generate rev-share rewards that can be earn you rewards from the Co-Op. You are building a customer base of potential purchases growing your team.This can happen if you are the salesperson or the team member of the salesperson. You have the power to increase your activity and create unlimited sales and commissions that you are in control of, so it is up to you to set the volume you would
What Do I Do After Registration To Start To Earn?
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After registration you will focus on building your ReferLife Connect business and customer base by bringing your referrals to the ReferLife Connect Social Network to join and join your business. Buy 1 member upgrade for yourself and share and refer 3 new member upgrades and your membership is covered. You will promote and distribute your referral link and invite people to learn about our mission and purpose. Invite them to our opportunity calls where they can get information from admin and members who are already involved. There will be a variety of marketing materials available in your back office for you to utilize. Tell everyone you know and get them to join ReferLife Connect Social Netw